Top Reasons To Have A Rhinoplasty

Top Reasons To Have A Rhinoplasty

Aesthetic surgery aims to improve the physical appearance of patients; This contributes to increasing their self-esteem, improving, as a consequence, the quality of life.

The rhinoplasty is one of the most interventions demands Cosmetic Surgery, and probably one in which the result has a greater psychological impact.

The reasons why a patient decides to perform a rhinoplasty procedure can be varied. In this post, we will explain what the main circumstances behind this decision are.

1.- For aesthetic reasons:

Improving the external appearance of the nose is the most common cause of rhinoplasty. Of all the structural alterations, the presence of a high nasal dorsum, known as the ridge, is the most frequent. Sometimes there is no prominent nasal hump, but patients consider their nose to be too large or too long for their facial structure. A wide nasal tip, the presence of deviations, or excessively open nostrils are other reasons for which you go to a specialist. Often they are aesthetic alterations that have worried patients for many years and which has finally led them to consult their case.

2.- After an accident:

2.- After an accident:

A nasal fracture, product of some type of injury or accident, is another of the determining causes for performing a rhinoplasty. While some fractures can be satisfactorily resolved with certain basic procedures for a plastic surgeon, in many other cases, surgery is necessary to restore both the full functionality and the aesthetic appearance of the nose. Depending on the severity of the break, more than one intervention may be required.

3.- Rhinoplasty Review:

There are a number of patients who come to the Fernández Clinic for the first time after undergoing rhinoplasty surgery. The reason for the consultation is that they continue to observe alterations that were not corrected in the first procedure or the appearance of new ones that did not exist previously.

A rhinoplasty can be performed a second time, although prudential times must be observed to ensure that the tissues have lost the inflammation characteristic of the first intervention.

All surgeons prefer to operate in anatomical areas that have not previously been operated on since the presence of scars or inflammation can make it difficult to identify the anatomical structures on which they are working. Therefore, a prior medical evaluation is essential and that the surgeon who is going to perform this second surgery has sufficient experience. This is an especially grateful operation for the patient since it provides a solution to a problem that he considers did not previously exist.

4.-To improve respiratory function:

To think that a person breathes badly because he has a nasal dorsum, or high hip is a mistake. Rarely do you have to modify the aesthetic appearance of the nose to solve a respiratory problem. There are cases of septum deviation patients who have a narrower nasal passage than the other, which can interfere with airflow. Also, there may be irregularities in other areas of the nose that similarly impede the passage of air.